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STEP 1.)  Confirm the Pool Pump is on by sliding the metal lever under the yellow dial to the right. Sliding the Lever to the left will shut the pump off. The pump must be running in order to operate the Pool/spa Heater.


Step 2.)  Adjust the valve position on the #1 valve so the supply water either is supplied from the spa and  the pool. The valve position below demonstrates the pool water source to be the SPA and therfore would heat the spa only .  If the valve was turned 180 degrees, the OFF position would  face the spa suction label below and the pool would be heated instead of the spa.


Step 3.) Confirm the Pool Water Return Valve is in the position of the picture below. It should remain in this position at all times. Note which way the handles face on the two valve which are on the left.



Step 4.) Turn on the Heater by pressing either the SPA button or the POOL button. Use the blue and red arrows to select the desired temperature. The heater will turn off automatically when the water reaches the set temperature.  The only difference between pool and spa is the temperature setting.  Be careful not to set the heater on the SPA setting in order to try and heat the pool. It will never shut off and will try and heat the pool to the set temperature of the spa which is usually 100+ degrees.

Step 5.) Turn the Heater off when you are done using the heater.

Step 6.) After you are done using the spa, Confirm valve #1 has been returned to the pool mode position where the off is lined up with the spa suction label. The handle should be on the pool side during normal pool mode.

Do not leave the pool equipment in SPA MODE for a period of time greater than 2 hours. The pool water will turn green if you dont circulate the water and return the equipment and valves back into the POOL MODE.