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The Pool and Spa Light Switches and Jet Pump Switches are located on the left side of the patio doors (assuming you are facing the patio doors looking from outside the home) which are closest to the spa.

Water Fall On/Off Switches

You will need to walk onto the wood platform and then down the stairs. You will see a timer box with a yellow dial below. there is a lever under the dial which when slide to the right will turn on the power to the waterfall. Turning the lever back to the left will turn the waterfalls off.

Timer Box

The silver lever control the on and off function for The pool pumps and water falls. Each box controls one device.

Pool Heater Operation

1.) Confirm the pool valves are in "Pool Mode" prior to turning on the pool pumps and or the heater. If the white lines were lined up with the spa markings, the valves would be in "Spa Mode". The picture below is the "Pool Mode"

(Above Picture Pool Mode)

(Above Picture Spa Mode)

Make sure the Pool Filter pump is turned on by sliding the  lever below the dial on the right to the left. This will turn on the Pool Pump.

Turn on the Pool Heater

The heater control panel is turned on by pressing the black square mode button. You have a choice between pool, spa and or stand by mode. The only diffence between pool mode and spa mode is the default temperature. Do not leave the heater in "spa mode" and the pool valves in "pool mode". It will try and heat the pool to 100 degrees and result in a large additional bill for excessive gas usage.