Spa Heating

 Spa Heating Instructions 

1.) Confirm all the breakers are on except the breaker that is labeled "Keep Off" . The brekers are on when they face inward. See image of breakers below.


2.) Confirm the Spa Pump is on the correct speed to heat efficiently. Confirm the spa pump is on the correct speed by pressing the 1 button on the SPA PUMP CONTROLLER and then the START button on the SPA PUMP CONTROLLER. You will need to locate and open the cover of the SPA PUMP CONTROLLER. The cover  on the top of the SPA PUMP is shown in the picture below. Confirm speed 2 is selected for heating and speed 4 to use the jets and or hi pressure.. ( See Diagram 3) .  The spa pump is the pump on the right if your facing the wall.  PRESS the START BUTTON after speed has been selected to operate

(Pool and Spa Pump, The Pool pump is on the left)

4.) Confirm temperature is at desired temperature by selecting the desired temperature on the Ray-Pak controller. Turning the dial to the left increases the temperature.

5.) Confirm the toggle is in the ON position. The amber light should be illuminated on the heater.

6.) Turn "Blower" on by previewing this link.


WARNING!!!!!!  THE SPA WILL NOT HEAT EFFICIENTLY WITH BLOWER ON so only use blower when spa isin use and occupied.

Diagram 2


(Spa Pump Controller, Diagram 3)



If the amber light is not illuminated when the water temperature is cold, pump is on the correct speed and the temperature selector is turned to the hottest setting, try the reset button.