Pool Heating

 The pool temperature is controlled through the Hayward Pool Heater, The Handheld Controller and the Pool Pump.

1.) Call Management company to start pool heater  

 2.) Confirm the pump is on and Speed 3 has been selected. Speed 3 is also know as "VSP 3". Here is how you select the third speed on the handhelp pool controller. To select "VSP 3" on the handheld, Press the "p/s" button and "enter" button at the same time to display the pump speed selection screen . Select "vsp 3" which stands for Variable speed 3 by pressing the number 3 then enter.  "VSP 3" should now be on. The POOL PUMP is the pump on the left if your facing the pumps looking at the brick wall. You should see water passing through the clear pump lid and hear the pump running. If not STOP and call management company. See Pool Pumps image below  

Note: The default speed is usually speed 1 and the pool heater will not operate on Speed 1, It will display LO  and the service light will be illuminated.

(Pool Pump and Spa pump, looking left to right). The pool pump is on the left


 3.) Press the "Mode" button and select  "POOL MODE"

 Set the Hayward Pool Heater to POOL MODE  by pressing the MODE BUTTON. By default, the heater mode should be on STANDBY MODE . After the heater has been placed into POOL MODE, Set the Hayward heater to the desired temperature by using the blue and red arrows. Pool heater pictured below in POOL MODE.


(Pool Controller)


(Pool Heater Controller Standby Mode)


5.) You may have to turn the heater on daily due to normally scheduled on and off Pump times. If the pump is off, it has to be turned on in order to heat the pool.