Spa and Pool Heater Operation


The spa can NOT be heated independently of the pool for a period of time greater than two hours. Failure to switch the valves back to the "Pool Mode" after use of the Spa will result in additional charges, unfiltered water and algae in the pool. If you don't understand the difference between "Spa Mode" and "Pool Mode", Call the management company prior to touching the valves and or changing modes. Please take a picture with your mobile phone of the equipment and valve positions prior to touching any valves. The pool should be in "Pool Mode" when you arrive

 Your Security Deposit will be forfeited if you remove the floating "Chlorine Dispenser".


Pool Heating


To heat the pool,

1.)  Confirm the water is flowing over from the jacuzzi into the pool. This is the best indicator of "Pool Mode". If the pool is not in "Pool Mode" See images below to align valves into the correct positions for "Pool Mode"  Water will not flow from the Jacuzzi into the pool when the valves are in "Spa Mode"

Confirm the Pump is on by pressing the "Speed 4" then "start" on the pool pump display board


2.)Turn on the Hayward Pool Heater  by changing the mode from Standby to Pool . Use the arrows to set the desired temperature. 

3.) Set temperature (The suggested temperature is no more than 85 Degrees for the pool) and 104 for the spa.

Note: Setting a higher temperature doesnt mean the pool/spa will heat faster. 

 (These valves should always be in this position for both Pool and Spa mode(s)

(The Suction Valve is in "Pool Mode"  in the picture above)

("Spa Mode" Suction, The handle is on the left and the off is on the right, opposite of the picture above)

("Pool Mode" Suction Valve is pictured above, The handle is on the right side and the off is on the left for "Pool Mode")


Pool Mode is picture above


(Spa Mode Shown Above on Water Return Valves) 


Pool Mode 


 ("Pool Mode" Pictured Above)

Spa Heating 

 1.) Turn the pool/spa suction valve to "Spa Mode" This basically means the water is going to be sent to and from the spa. The pool will not be  getting any circulation of water (The water should be still in the pool when the Suction/Selector valve is in "Spa Mode".

To switch modes , turn the handle below so the "off" written on the front of the handle faces the "Pool Suction" label.  If your facing the pool/spa suction valve, The handle will move from the  middle position to the left. The "off will be on the right closest to the "pool Suction Label.

2.) Turn the heater on and select the Spa setting temperature by using the blue and red arrows. Set temperature to the desired temp.  

3.) Return to Pool mode when finished TO AVOID TURNING THE POOL GREEN.

Note: Please allow up to an hour to heat the spa and up to 24 hours to heat the pool to the desired temperature. Pool will heat 1 degree per hour.

Note 2:  If the pump is off overnight, it is normal for the jacuzzi to lose a foot or so of water. The jacuzzi will fill back up when the pool pump is turned back on manually or when the automatic timer activates. You cannot heat the pool or spa with the pump off. The heater will display "LO" which means the pump is most likely off.  Turn the pump on by pressing the start stop button on the pool pump which is next to the large, beige cylinder looking piece of equipment. You will need to reach closest to the wall and open the pool pump cover lid and press speed 4 then start to turn the pump on speed 4.